Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Because//A Prayer Poem

   Hello! Maybe someday I'll have something more fun to say, something more fun to post, something more fun to write... Something silly. Something simple. Something just for fun. Something that doesn't require me to share my heart. But that's not what I have to say right now. Maybe there's someone that needs to hear what God has given me to write.

I found this heart in the frying pan this morning when I went to make myself breakfast. 


 Because you lifted me

From darkness and pain

May I see fit to find

The sun through the rain.

Because you still love me

When I unlovely be,

May I also love those

Whose eyes need to see.

Because I have a home

Where tears have an end

May I ever be willing

To go where you send. 

May God ever keep you in His tender care.

Smile! Jesus loves you!


   All poems are my own unless otherwise noted. All rights are reserved.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Someone Saw//A Poem

Someone Saw

Someone saw all the tears;
Someone saw all the pain.
He had everything to lose,
And all of us to gain.

Someone saw all the loss;
Someone saw all the sin.
He had to go out
So that we could come in.

Someone saw all the hurt;
Someone saw all the death.
He gave up His life
That we would have breath.

Someone saw all the fear;
Someone saw all the doubt.
He arose from the grave
And cast our fear out.

Someone saw all of you;
Someone saw all of me.
He is coming again
That we might live eternally.

Smile! Jesus loves you!

P.S. All poems are my own unless otherwise noted. All rights are reserved. 


Monday, September 28, 2020

Thy Will Be Done//A Poem

   Hello, readers! I have another poem to share with you. Another one? Yep! So much for not having anything to say... *laughs*


Open my hands;

Open my heart.

I need to be

Wherever thou art.

Break this my heart;

Break this my will.

I need to follow -

Follow you still.

Show me your love;

Show me your Son.

Oh, may I say,

"Thy will be done!"

In Jesus' name,


Smile! Jesus loves you!


All poems are mine unless otherwise noted. All rights are reserved.