Friday, September 6, 2019

All About Autumn Tag

   Sorry to any confused folks for my removed post...I wasn't ready to publish it yet so I had to revert it to a draft. it is now!
   Thank you, Felicity, for tagging me! Honestly, I hadn't thought much about fall yet. School started for my little siblings. Our family vacation is coming up. But fall? Oh, yes, it's coming. I just forget. Maybe this tag will get me ready for the coming season. It's practically here! *laughs*

1. What are your plans for this fall season?

   Ummm....*looks sheepish* I don't know... *Shrug* We do have a family vacation next week, but technically it'll still be summer. *wink*
   Maybe I'll go to a corn maze. Or bake cookies. Maybe I'll swing into a pile of leaves. Maybe I'll dance in the rain. Or watch a sunset. You never know.

2. Which two things tell you that the autumn season has begun?

   The days get shorter. The nights get colder. The rain comes. Oops, that was three... *Shrug*

3. What are three things you love about the season?

   The cooler weather. I'm not a big fan of the summer heat. *Sticks out tongue*
   The fall clothes - sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, boots, jackets... And in such fun colors! Well, I don't like my jackets or boots to be bright colors exactly... But I totally don't mind for my sweaters and shirts!
   Thanksgiving! My family usually gets two Thanksgiving celebrations - one with the "big family" and one with our "smaller (big) family". Haha! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, crescent rolls, best brown bread....

4. What is your best memory from fall?

   So many "favorite memories"! *wink* My family likes to have a "Fall Party" or "Harvest Party." One year my dad gave tractor rides to our own pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. We actually had two pumpkins patches, because my aunt and uncle lived right next door at that time in my life and they had one as well. It was such fun!

5. What is your favorite scent from autumn?

   Apple pie. Cloves. Cinnamon. Apple cider. Pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving dinner! *Shrug*

6. What is the best way to enjoy the rain of fall?

   Maybe wrapped up in a blanket on the front porch swing where your can hear the rain, but still feel cozy in your blanket. And a cup of something hot might be fun to sip..

7. What is your favorite autumn color?

   Burnt orange. I wear it even when it's not autumn.. I wear it all the time.

8. What is your favorite fall inspired drink?

   Hot apple cider...yum!! Apple cider always reminds me of my grandpa.

9. What is your favorite food from autumn?

   My mom just made an apple pie today and that sounds REALLY good right now so I'll say that it's my favorite. *Wink*

10. Which place would you love to visit in the fall? 

   I don't really think about places to visit in the fall... I dream about places to visit, but not necessarily in the fall. Haha!
   I've never been to New Hampshire in the fall and I hear it's beautiful. So I'll go with that.

   Hope you enjoyed! And I hope you enjoy your fall! I won't yeah anyone, but definitely feel free to do it if your heart so desires. *Wink*

Smile! Jesus loves you! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2019


   Hello, blog world! I picked up my glasses on Tuesday. I'm near-sighted so I actually don't need my glasses for reading. Haha!

  I love the details I can see outside now. I can see details in the clouds. The tree bark. In the leaves.

  I also notice a big difference when I'm driving. It's so much easier to see things past the front window. Haha! I can see people in their vehicles now. And the license plate numbers of cars. And street signs..

   This is the picture I took right after I got my glasses.

   It's humbling to need glasses. Even though I never looked down on people with glasses, I just never thought I would need them. It's totally different when it's YOU that's wearing them.

   People can tell you a hundred times that you'll get used to them, you look fine in them, etc. But it's a new look. And it's humbling.

   God knew I needed to be reminded that it's not about what's on the outside that makes a person.

   It's about HIM in us that makes us worth something. And Jesus has bought us with a price. We are priceless.

   And, yes, I can now see the digital clock on our oven very clearly. *wink*

Smile! Jesus loves you!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

I'm Getting Glasses

   I started noticing that I couldn't always make out the numbers on the digital clock on our oven. And sometimes I couldn't read the prices of food on the menu board at restaurants. I started noticing that things across a room were blurry. I didn't have headaches or burning eyes. I just couldn't see as well as before.

   So this morning, I went to get my eyes checked. And, yep, I'm getting glasses.

   My sister-in-law Abby came with me and I'm so glad she did! After the exam, Abby and I looked at glasses. I knew I didn't want anything too bold, but otherwise, I was at a loss. Abby has glasses so she knew a bit more than me. I mostly just let her tell me what to try on. Haha!

   Abby drove me back to her car, because my eyes were dilated. (We had met somewhere and she had jumped in with me.) I drove the rest of the way home.

   I'm a bit nervous about getting glasses. I'll have a new look. And I'm not sure I want a new look. Haha! But I'll be able to see better so I'm grateful. 
Smile! Jesus loves you!